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Rays Lighthouse


Business name: Rays Lighthouse

The CEO: Ray

Founded: July 7th 2021


Services: Japanese lessons/ Tokyo Study Abroad Agency/ Tokyo City Tour/ Translation


Rays Lighthouseは、1996年生まれのRayによって運営されるインバウンド事業およびアーティスト名。SNS上では「Konichiwa My Dude」または略して「KMD」として知られている。日本に関するコンテンツを発信し、フォロワー数は6万人以上に達している。横浜出身で、通訳/翻訳、ツアーガイド、日本語教師、観光客向けカメラマン、インフルエンサー、そしてアマチュア作家として多岐にわたる活動を展開している。これらの多様な経験を活かし、Rays Lighthouseを運営している。主に東京を中心にインバウンド事業を展開しており、将来は京都に旅館ホステルを建設する予定だ。



大学ではビジネスとマーケティングを専攻し、同時に日本語教師養成学校で420時間の講座を受けて、2020年に両方の学校を卒業。卒業後は大手企業の子会社で1年間働いた後に、2021年7月に「Rays Lighthouse」というインバウンド事業をスタートさせた。インバウンド事業を展開する傍らで、参考書や小説の出版、音楽など、様々な活動もしている。

「Konichiwa My Dude」としてのオンラインの活動も始めて、Reel動画を通じて日本に興味のあるフォロワーが6万人ほどいる。動画は言語や文化、教育、日本社会などがメインテーマで、ポッドキャストスタイルで投稿している。


Rays Lighthouse開業。コロナの影響により、日本が閉鎖しインバウンドの活動は厳しいものとなる。しかし、オンラインレッスン、翻訳などをメインに活動し、オンラインレッスンは初月から新規の学生の申し込み多数。翻訳は主にパーソナルゲームや大企業のゲーム会社から依頼を受け、500件近い件数を請け負った。





「125 useful Japanese phrases」「Japanese Things」「Interesting & Useful Japanese Phrases」「Japanese Questions about Anata」の4冊をAmazonで出版。日本語レッスンの合計数が1100を超える。東京マラソンの展覧会・ゲーム会社のミーティングに通訳として参加。多くのアニメファンを英語ツアーで迎える。夏には海外から留学生を日本に招待し、Rays Lighthouse企画の留学プログラムを成功させた。12月には初の国際交流ライブイベントを開催し、チケット110枚完売。シングル曲「New World」がトルコで163位にランクイン。年末には小説の「20歳から英語を始めてみた」をAmazonで出版。


​英語を勉強している日本人向けのコンテンツの配信を開始。また観光客向けに写真撮影サービスを新事業として開始し、多くの観光客にサービスを提供。6月にはKMD初となる日英版の絵本「One Ticket」をAmazonにて出版開始開始。同時に絵本の主題歌の「One Ticket」を全音楽配信サイトで配信開始。


Rays Lighthouse is the inbound business and artist name operated by Ray (1996). "Konichiwa My Dude" is their online alias on social media, abbreviated as KMD. They have over 50,000 followers. Ray, originally from Yokohama, works as an interpreter/translator, tour guide, Japanese teacher, voice actor, influencer, and amateur writer, while also running Rays Lighthouse.

In recent years, they have expanded their inbound business mainly in Tokyo and have plans to construct a ryokan hostel in Kamakura in the future. They have gained attention from Asian and Western regions.



Born in 1996. In the summer of my second year in college, I started studying English, which I had no interest in at all, after meeting an American bilingual. The following year, I took a one-year hiatus from university and studied abroad in Australia. I self-taught English and developed an interest in culture, international relations, and the inbound industry through various experiences.


I majored in business and marketing in college. Simultaneously, I completed a 420-hour course at a Japanese language teacher training school and graduated from both schools in 2020. After graduation, I worked for a major company's subsidiary for a year before starting the inbound business Rays Lighthouse in July 2021. While primarily focusing on inbound business activities, I also engage in a wide range of activities such as publishing reference books, novels, and music. I started appearing online as Konichiwa My Dude at the time of Rays Lighthouse's establishment, mainly delivering Reel videos, and currently have around 60,000 followers interested in Japan. Topics such as language, culture, education, and Japanese society are the main themes, and I post videos in a podcast-style format.


In 2021, Rays Lighthouse opened. Due to the impact of COVID-19, Japan closed, making inbound activities challenging. However, I focused on online lessons and translations, receiving numerous new student applications from the first month of online lessons. Translation work mainly came from personal games and major game companies, with nearly 500 projects undertaken. 


In 2022, to expand my activities, I started online video streaming. I began posting videos on Instagram, and within a month, the number of followers reached 25,000, with an increase in international followers. I also received more corporate projects. I released the 1st single, "Sparkle Night," on all streaming platforms. In October, Japan resumed accepting foreign tourists, and I started tours for foreigners. The Tokyo Anime Tour for anime fans began, and I also provided support for many foreign tourists.


In 2023, I published four books on Amazon: "125 useful Japanese phrases," "Japanese Things," "Interesting & Useful Japanese Phrases," and "Japanese Questions about Anata." The total number of Japanese lessons exceeded 1,100. I worked as an interpreter for the Tokyo Marathon exhibition and game company meetings. I welcomed many anime fans on English tours. In the summer, I invited international students to Japan and successfully implemented the study abroad program planned by Rays Lighthouse. In December, I held the first international exchange live event, selling out all 110 tickets. At the end of the year, I published the novel "Starting English at 20" on Amazon.


In 2024, KMD began distributing content for Japanese people studying English. In June, KMD's first Japanese-English picture book, “One Ticket,” was published on Amazon. At the same time, “One Ticket,” the theme song of the picture book, began to be distributed on all music distribution sites.

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