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Summer Program

This program offers a special study abroad program where you can study Japanese and enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo for 10 days. Surely, a wonderful experience awaits you.



Learning Japanese & Sightseeing 


July 7th, 2025 to July 16th , 2025


JLPT N5 Level



15 people



Morning Japanese Lesson

The morning lesson is held from 10:00 to 13:00. Ray, who is qualified to teach Japanese, teaches Japanese in a way similar to a regular Japanese language school. The lessons are interactive and fun, tailored for N5 learners. In addition to regular lessons, practical Japanese for use in Japan, such as ordering, is also taught. Various materials are used for teaching, making the lessons more enjoyable.

New International Friends

This program allows students from around the world to participate, so you can learn not only about Japan but also about other cultures. Let's deepen our exchanges with other students.

Afternoon Activity

During the afternoon activities, we will visit various places in Tokyo. Staff will accompany you, and tickets will be purchased in advance. The staff are experienced guides. Rather than traditional guiding, the concept is to enjoy the activities together. Let's have fun together.


There are a total of three plans available. The first is the full package plan, which allows you to participate in lessons and after-activities. The second is the lesson-only package plan, which includes only the lessons. The third is the activity-only plan, which allows you to participate in activities only. You are welcome to choose any plan you like, and you can also participate with your friends or family.

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What's Included

- Guide Fee

- Lesson Fee

- All The Activity Tickets

- Study Materials 

- Lunch

- WiFi

What's not Included

- Breakfast & Dinner

- Activity Tickets

- Transportation Fee


- Travel Insuarance

- Personal Shopping

1: Full Package ($3,000)

Japanese Lessons + Sightseeing

2: Lesson Only Package ($1500)

Japanese Lessons

3: Travel Only Package ($1500)



If you join with a friend, partner, or family member, you will both receive a discount coupon. Enter "Japan" in the code to receive 5% off.

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Terms of service

If you are interested in participating in this program, please read on.

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