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Dream Ryokan Hostel
Crowd Funding


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※ Design may differ from the finished product ※

Hello everyone, I'm Ray from Rays Lighthouse/Konichiwa My Dude. First of all, thank you for visiting this page. I'm excited to announce that we will be creating a hybrid ryokan and hostel in Kyoto, a project we've been planning since our inception. Having worked in the inbound tourism industry for some time and welcomed many tourists to Japan, I've realized the limitations of individual endeavors. I believe that by establishing a hostel, we can offer a variety of services and expand our inbound tourism efforts even further. The hostel will be themed around the traditional Japanese aesthetic. We want guests to experience Japan not only at tourist sites but also within the hostel itself.



During my time studying abroad in Australia, I became interested in hostels. Being a student at the time, I was drawn to the affordability they offered. However, it wasn't just about the cost. I found a sense of camaraderie among the hostel residents. While it may sound exaggerated, we formed bonds akin to a family. We cooked together, shared stories, and slept in the same room every night. Such places are rare to come by. Inspired by this experience, I aspired to be on the giving end next time. And I decided that I wanted to incorporate the essence of Japan – its warmth and harmony – into the hostel, making it more than just a place to stay.


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The ryokan-hostel, renovated from an old Japanese house, will showcase a blend of traditional Japanese architectural elements with modern comforts. The building, predominantly made of wood, will have a distinctively curved roof, possibly thatched or tiled, typical of traditional Japanese architecture. The exterior walls will be finished with natural materials like plaster or wood, creating a warm and inviting look. The garden will feature traditional elements like lattice work and an engawa (veranda), adding to the nostalgic charm. Inside, the design will focus on tatami rooms and other Japanese-style features, offering guests a cozy and authentic experience.

Manga cafe

The first floor of the ryokan-hostel will feature an open and inviting space with a reception area for customer service and reservations, as well as a café. Guests will be able to enjoy drinks while reading from a diverse collection of manga in English and Japanese. Additionally, the hostel will offer Konichiwa-My-Dude (henceforth known as KMD) official merchandise, pottery, Japanese souvenirs, and calligraphy items for sale, creating an interactive and culturally rich environment for guests.


Bed Room

The ryokan-hostel will offer two types of bedrooms. One will be a traditional tatami room, suitable for families, friends, or couples traveling together. The other will be a capsule hotel-style room designed to incorporate Japanese aesthetics, providing a comfortable and unique experience for guests.

Rays Lighthouse


Please choose one plan per person. Returns will be sent in order as soon as they are ready.


Return Plan 1 ($5): Thank You Mail 📩

We will send you a thank-you email with all our hearts.


Return Plan 2 ($20): E-Book Gift 📕

Receive 4 books published by KMD in PDF format.


Return Plan 3 ($30): Music Gift 🎵

You will receive a music file containing all the songs from Rays Lighthouse's album 'Wonder'.


Return Plan 4 ($40): Letter ✉️

I will write a letter to you by hand. And I will send it by mail.


Return Plan 5 ($50×1): Accommodation Ticket 🏨

Receive a $50 per night accommodation ticket, up to a maximum of 10 nights. Once the hostel operations begin, we will contact you to inquire about your preferred dates.


Donation 1 ($100): 

This is a completely donation-based plan. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Donation 2 ($?): 

You can choose the donation price, your support is greatly appriciated.

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