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Study Japanese Course

What's included



We will upload videos about learning Japanese. Here you can learn grammar, vocabulary, and many other genres.



Articles on grammar, vocabulary, idioms, slang, etc. will be updated each week. Read and study this article.

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Listen to membership-only podcasts. Here, KMD speaks alone or invites Japanese guests to join him for a conversation; listen to the podcasts to improve your listening skills.

Want to boost your Japanese language skills?

This subscription gives you access to membership-only articles, videos, and podcasts to help you study Japanese. New elements will be added regularly. The monthly fee is priced at a whopping $2. Levels are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Why not get started?

  • Study Japanese Course

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     7 day free trial
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    • 3. Podcast

Please join us

Rays Lighthouse/Konnichiwa, My Dude's

Ray. I have created a Japanese language course for Japanese language learners. If you join this course, you can boost your Japanese language skills. There are many ways to learn Japanese, and I hope this course will be one of them. We have done our best to keep the pricing at the lowest possible level. We hope you will enjoy this course. We will update this page regularly. Thank you.

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