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Rays Lighthouse

Inbound Business
Based in TOKYO

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Photo Service

I'm an English speaking tour guide in Tokyo. You can book my tour from the link. I can't wait to see you here in Tokyo.

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Abroad Program

A short-term study abroad program in Japan. It offers Japanese language lessons and sightseeing guide services.

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Japanese Lesson

I am a professional Japanese teacher. I teach Japanese on Italki and at cafe in person.

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Resident Support

Translation and interpretation support for foreign residents in Japan. Let's make your life in Japan easier. I'm here to help.

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About ME

Hello, everyone. I'm glad you're here.

My name is Ray. 

I’m the CEO of Rays Lighthouse, a Tokyo-based business that provides Japanese Lessons, guided tours, and a study abroad program.

My mission is to attract people who are interested in learning about Japan. 

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KMD Merch

Check out Konichiwa My Dude's merch!! We have various products such as T-shirts, long sleeves, hats, PC mat, etc., all of which are high-quality products.

Social Media

I also engage in influencer activities. I do it across various platforms, but primarily focus on topics such as language, culture, Japan, and the Japanese language. I share content to promote the charm of Japan.

TikTok: 40,900 followers

Instagram: 24,000 followers

YouTube: 3,300 followers

Thread: 3,392 followers

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Rays Lighthouse Music

Rays Lighthouse is actually also producing music. They mainly create pop punk and pop, and they write lyrics in both English and Japanese. They are putting a lot of effort into their music activities. They plan to perform live in Japan and around the world, so they are looking forward to the day they can meet everyone through music. Please listen to my music.

Ryokan Hostel

I'm excited to announce that we will be creating a hybrid ryokan and hostel in Kyoto, a project we've been planning since our inception. Having worked in the inbound tourism industry for some time and welcomed many tourists to Japan, I've realized the limitations of individual endeavors. I believe that by establishing a hostel, we can offer a variety of services and expand our inbound tourism efforts even further. The hostel will be themed around the traditional Japanese aesthetic. We want guests to experience Japan not only at tourist sites but also within the hostel itself.

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